sunset harbour to get emergency generators

Sunset Harbour

Susan Askew
Susan Askew

sunset harbour to get emergency generators:

the generators will keep stormwater pumps working

Miami Beach Commissioners passed a resolution this week to install backup generators on stormwater pumps in Sunset Harbour. Assistant City Manager Eric Carpenter says the area needs one or two pumps for emergency situations. (Businesses in Sunset Harbour experienced flooding during a heavy storm in October when not all pumps were operational.)
A broader discussion occurred following questions from Commissioners about the need for emergency generators on pumps throughout the Beach. Carpenter said staff is working on a plan to prioritize generators based on several criteria, including size of drainage area serviced, along emergency evacuation routes, near hospitals and other critical facilities, etc. In terms of residential areas, the City has or will have temporary generators. Carpenter said the larger permanent generators may not work in residential neighborhoods so the temporary generators may be best. He will provide an update on the City’s overall stormwater pump installation efforts at the March 7th meeting of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Sea Level Rise.
The Sunset Harbour resolution also includes $250,000 to finish up landscaping improvements in the area. Commissioner Joy Malakoff urged staff to consider landscaping plans for future projects well in advance so it is not an afterthought.

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Susan Askew
Susan Askew
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